Drupal 8 in the PHP 7 era

by Pedro cambra

PHP7 was released in December 2015 after many years without a major version and comes with a lot of performance breakthrough promises.

In this talk, we're going to review what's up with the latest version and how we can use all these improvements in our Drupal projects.


  • The performance unicorn
  • Type hinting parade: Scalar types, return types, and strict mode.
  • Spaceships and stuff
  • Throw curves and errors
  • Also featuring iterators, expectations, mocking...
  • Dare to upgrade, everyone else is doing it

But wait, there's more, Drupal 8 is PHP7 ready and during the talk we'll see how to apply (most of) this changes to our day to day as developers.

Drupal level: Intermediate, Language: English

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